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Growth Chart T Shirt

  • Keep track of your hair growth with one of our custom hair growth chart t shirts for just $13.00.

All T's are made to order, meaning they are not sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped out and no one  tried them on. YOU will be the first in one of our custom T-shirts. 

  • Find phrases like "I got 99 Problems But My Hair Aint One", "Dope Hair Giving You Live",

proFASHIONal" and many many more.

Grow Long Hair Fast

  • Works from the Inside Out!

Unlike most hair care products, Hairfinity works from the inside out giving your hair the nutrients it needs to look its healthiest. The exclusive Capilsana complex provides a special sulfur and 18 amino acids that encourage healthy hair growth

  • In an independent study, Hairfinity was proven to increase the hair growth rate and reduce the average numbers of hairs shed in a 30 day period.

Quality Brazilian Hair

  • 30 Day No Questions asked Quality Guarantee.   If the hair sheds or tangles excessively, we will exchange the order for your clients NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  So you and your clients will never have to worry about the quality of the hair we provide to you. No one else offers ANY guarantees!
  • Free shipping
  • 100% virgin hair. This hair can be dyed, flat ironed and treated as you would any human hair. 

Best Flat Iron EVER!!!



Whether you are relaxed, natural or transitioning, this is the perfect flat iron that will help retain moisture while giving that sleek look with a healthy bounce.


Since this is my first time trying it I decided to go  with the read more

Buy of The Month
Michael Kors Tangerine Hamilton Loafers


During a random stop at DSW on my lunch break, I came out with these beauties. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love flats!! Heels are cute, but not comfortable for me so my "go to" is a cute flat. 

These loafers, originally priced at $110.00, cost me less than

read more

TOV Plaid Patchwork Maxi Skirt

After searching hi and low, under every fashion blog, Instagram boutique and pop up shop, I FINALLY found my draped plaid skirt. Not sure what attracted me to this skirt initially, just something about the look, the flow and how unique it was.  

Every place I looked, the skirt ranged from $140-$300. Who is going to pay that? Not me, but my fashion friendly budget led me to ......... read more

My stylist said to use less heat.....what does that mean?

Question: " When stylist refer to less heat, is that only blow drying or does that include roller sets as well?

Answer: When your stylist advises to use less heat, this generally means ...... read more

Thank You Ladies For Helping Us Reach Our Goal!!
Our first annual "Beauty Drive" was a success thanks to the local salons of Columbus Ohio. Together we collected 628 items which was donated to our local Choices domestic violence shelter. 

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